Wednesday, March 25, 2009

confessions of a procrastinator


Okay I need some accountability here! I agreed to paint some little wooden letters like this:

for a former co-worker ummmmm.... about 6 (ouch) months ago. When she asked, I said, "Sure, no problem!"
Now, there wasn't exactly a deadline, but um, yes, I think that she reasonably expected to see them back and painted all cutesy like 2 weeks after she gave them to me. Now, I had them sitting out where I could see them for forever, but I got tired of that bag telling me what a bad former co-worker/word-keeper I was, so I stashed them away in my "craft closet." But I think they mock me from behind the door. In their little bag, they call out, "You should paint me! You shouldn't put this off any're a bad, bad woman, that doesn't do things she ought to!"

"Procrastination is attitude's natural assassin. There's nothing so fatiguing as an uncompleted task."- William James

In that case, I'm exhausted!


What have you put off??? Comment with what task you'll scratch off your brain's list! I'm excited!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here I Am

Here I am. Pooped, Mommy of 2 precious children, sitting in jogging pants, tank and Wal-mart "track jacket." Thinking about this week. Lincoln Brewster's Amazed playing on my laptop... from somebody else's blog's playlist (I don't have my own music or an ipod, not that I wouldn't, but i don't) :) -

Oh, I love this simple simple life. I do.

I love that Belle had her first sleepover birthday last Friday night.
I love that I'm the mom of a 7 yr-old. That's hilarious, isn't it!? They were so sweet. But I felt like the silly babysitter, not the mom. But, yep, I was IN CHARGE. hahaha

I love that this week I got up way too early for this so-called "night person," sipped my coffee, soaked up time with my Lord, cuddled up under my green throw, and wanted the clock to freeze - it didn't - went to work, laughed with silly middle schoolers and came home and cooked and took the kids to the places we needed to go and cleaned the kitchen and put in loads of laundry and swept the dirt off the kitchen floor ten-hundred times and dried off their cutie bodies and read them books in bed and said prayers and kissed and tucked them, tucking snapshots and whispers in my heart...
and woke up and did it all over again.

I love that I had no time to post the 6 other pictures of Belle that i thought I would, because i've fallen in love with early bedtimes.

I love that I've begun to love books. yes, I am a big girl now. yeah right - but getting there
I love the phone conversations that I've had with treasured friends, that my mom is there for me in a precious way, though I know our polar opposite personalities can drive one another bonkers. haha, I love my Mom.

I love that the only reason I excercised was because Christian and I were playing chase, attempting to fly a kite, and playing some baseball. Oh, and because those darn pine cones and pinestraw just won't pick themselves up.

I love that when i get off my "hiney-boot," as a friend of mine calls it, I find JOY.
Doesn't make sense does it? Seems like a cozy coach and a giant TV would make me the happiest. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but the way the Lord's wired me, and I think most of us, from what Proverbs (amongst others) :) alludes... there is Joy in doing life. Doing.

So may these "I loves" echo as "Thank YOUs!"

"You dance over me, while I am
unaware.... You sing all around, but I never hear the sound... "
Looking back on these two weeks, I see you Lord.
I hear you Lord.
I love you, LORD!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

7 for Belle - year one... more to come!

Sweet "Ibba", "Belly-boo," "Sissy,"
my Isabelle, and everyone's just "Belle" will turn the big SEVEN in seven days! This sweet girlie weighed in at 7 lbs 7.7 oz.

And on her 1st birthday, still had no hair... well, barely any! She did, however have lots of teeth. This year, she is missing LOTS of teeth! haha

Here's a pre-cake photo from 2003:

And - after the cake! That look of "What have I done!? I ate the WHOLE THING!" Ah yes, Belle has lost many teeth, 7 actually (for real), but the sweet tooth has not been one of them!!

Gonna Miss This Moment

For a day filled with moments (thank you Sweet Lord for 75 degree heavenly weather!), it's hard to pick just one. But I'll surely miss the endings to my children's days, where we cuddle up to read all together in my bed, and then they run in their cutie pjs to their little beds, we pray, and I tuck them each in.

Our latest read is The Boxcar Children. Which, seriously, if you're worried about the economy... just read The Boxcar Children. They knew, like Paul, all ya need is food and clothes. That shall be enough. Anyhow - on to my moment!!!

Tonight, as I was tucking Christian into bed, loving the smell of his freshly shampooed head,

he says sweetly, "You pray first, Mommy"

"Okay baby. Dear God,..."

****PPPEWWW PPPEWWW... Gun-like, alarm-kinda-like, crazy noise sounds from deep beneath his covers. I knew at once - the Power Ranger phone!*****
My eyes flash open, and his are open WIDE

And then comes the laugh. Christian has a laugh that starts in his belly and shoots out the corners of his eyes. He couldn't stop laughing and neither could I!

I will truly miss bedtime with my babes, and yes, crazy little toys that make absurd noises at ANY GIVEN MOMENT!
Thanks Pam for inspiring this weekly reflection.

Monday, March 2, 2009


So Jessi had this wonderful post and has fabulous hair, and I definitely want to be like her. So... I'm giving it a whirl. I think I'll love it in about 2 months. Seriously, I need some growth and practice. But, letting my crazy... wavy, thick hair air-dry is fun! So, why not!!

Here are the webcam pics, since my poor camera needs duct tape to keep the battery part shut... therefore the battery constantly shuts off - ugh. :) oh well, here they are.

Okay, time for productivity!