Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 New Year Resolutions (part uno)
…three because that’s how many gifts baby Jesus received… Wait, no, that’s not it (giggling!); three because it’s just practical (right Jess? – wink).

#1 Cook Dinner 3 nights a week
Once again, the number three is just doable. I got really used to the soccer/football schedule creating zero time to cook a decent meal. I managed to throw frozen chicken in the crockpot like twice a month and whip up the occasional something else – let’s be honest – about four other times during the months of September through November. My other excuses include the fact that I have no adult other than myself to cook for, so… you know, you just lose an ounce of inspiration while preparing for K-2 tastebuds, and B) that I went through a cooking phase a couple of years ago and managed to grow bored with those top 5 recipes. Oh wait, there is also excuse C or D (or are we at E??…): I simply dislike finding the hour I tend to take to pull together the grocery list.

But alas, I want to be the Mommy who brings the family to the table to enjoy something with a tad more nutritional value than grilled cheese or its Mexicano friend, the quesadilla. Here’s my twenty-ten plan: prepare shopping lists for 3 meals/week that include meat, veggie, and perhaps a starch or additional vegetable of some sort. On the other days, we can eat leftovers, grilled cheese, or whatever floats our boat.

Help a mother out! I want the link to one of your favorite recipes. Of course, kid-friendly is great, but I’m all for teaching them to try new things.

p.s. I recommend the flick, Julie and Julia, for cooking inspiration. I found this movie delightful, and talked like Meryl Streep as Julia Childs for a good 30 mins. afterwards.

p.p.s. I live in a town where interesting ingredients do not exist. A fresh bay leaf is exotic here. For real.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

and a time for...

I had a moment to share. I was going to pop in and just share a snippet of what I've done differently this year with my wrapping, and I'm still going to share. But before I began to type, I checked in on two other blogs. This one and this one. Sobering. And fitting.

For there is a time for everything.

A time for bawling over loneliness and a time for laughing at the days to come. A time for weeping and praying for those in tragedy and a time for making a mess in the den with your kids.

"Silver Bells" was playing on the radio today. Christian was singing along, "silver bells, silver bells... soon it will be 'Jesus' birthday'." Oh, sweet grace. It has sunk into my children's hearts that this is one giant birthday celebration. This is a time for the most precious party for the most precious miracle.

So now, the time for the light-hearted bit. I choose my wrapping paper fairly carefully each year, to at least have some sort of color theme. But, as for the bows... oh the bows, they've been lacking. So when I saw these in a magazine, I new just what I was going to do! And so I now have finished adding these crazy fun poms to the gifts and I love them.
Some are nice and tight like the ones in the picture, and some look like Fraggle Rock hair, and I love those too.

And that is Christmas.
No, really.
It is the silly silly light-hearted decorate a cookie with your kid meets hearts breaking over a Mommy or Daddy gone forever, and in the midst....

peace. Jesus.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yes. My vacuum cleaner is in the shop (cord came out).
And yes, today my real live (in the "ultimate Christmas tree stand" tree fell, while I was sitting beside it wrapping presents.
And yes, I did spend oh, 3-5 hours putting the sucker up 2 weeks ago.
Yes, I have lots and lots of ornaments. 200+
Yes, at least half of them fell off.
Yes, I acted more like Clark Griswold than Jesus... oh yes!
Yes, one present got soaken wet from the water spilling out of the tree stand.
And yes, I will be the proud owner of a pre-lit ARTIFICIAL tree next year.

Please giggle. I am now smiling and mess is now cleaned up. Thank you mama for letting me borrow your vacuum cleaner! Happy Monday friends!

New Header

Well, Belle is home sick today, and so I actually have the chance to insert my fabulous blog header. Jessi did this for me and I LOVE IT. :) So, see her for all your design needs.
Perhaps I'll be back for an actual post before January. ;)