Monday, January 19, 2009

We're in the GRAY!!!!!

UPDATE: 9:51 PM - THE GRAY HAS NOW MOVED EVEN FURTHER SOUTH... AND I THINK CHERAW MIGHT ACTUALLY BE IN THE WHITE ZONE!!! Please note that within the next 48 hours the weather channel claims my town can expect 1-3 inches of snow. Please also note the ABSOLUTE DELIGHT WITH WHICH I TELL YOU SO!!!!!!! I hope and pray that pics of my family creating even the tiniest of snowmen will follow this post.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

dang that was good - apples, pepper-jack... chocolate quesadilla bliss

My friend Stephanie told me about the most fabulous combination, which truly you all must try!

take a flour tortilla

spread some cream cheese on it (1/3 fat worked for me)

add a small amount of pepper jelly - you know that odd stuff that was quite the surprise as a kid on the Christmas finger-food spread...

add thinly sliced apples - i chose granny smith

and top it off with pepper jack cheese... i just cut some off of a block

Fold over- the cream cheese does a wonderful job of holding it all together and sealing the edges

Let it sizzle in a pan with a bit of oil... or use a griddle... or one of those $20 quesadilla makers...

Flip and delight in the wonder of the combo...wrapped in golden-brown crispness...
tis so yum

Um, and then for dessert... i did the cream cheese again, sprinkled some brown sugar and chocolate chips... folded over, sizzled, and bit into a bit of heaven.
Belle and Christian had chocolate all over their hands and faces. I just had a big ole smile on mine.
It would be wrong of me not to pass this on.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Need a dance??? Here's a little "You & i"

So fun! Thanks Katie for sharing! Now get to dancin!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Friend, you have no idea.
There have been some things taking place in my life, oh and is it LIFE!!! - death has no place - ...that I feel are to remain private for this time... and precious in my heart.
A time for boldness and sharing will come and you can guarantee that I'll be ready to shout from the rooftops when that day is revealed.
HOWEVER - I feel complete freedom to share these words with you as my heartbeat for this most precious new year:
1. Let's start HERE!!
2. IN MY LIFE - how can that even be - HE has established such evidence of this truth.
3. Man B. Moore nailed it in her study of Esther with these words:
"Listen, Beloved. God's forte is life. He's just not willing to leave things dead. A paramount theme in Esther is what God can do when we resolve to obey and 'if I perish I perish.'
Any time He calls us to die, His purpose is to reveal larger life."

Soak that one up. Larger life - Amen!
4. And why the journey? Why the death in the first place???
5. and as i look back... I am praying for these words to imprint on my soul
...verses 19-25 nearly exactly correspond with my soul in those years of and as I move into the second half of 27 and hit age 28, still so young, still humbly recognizing my obvious fallibility and desperation for a savior...
I move on as a woman with legs sturdied by FAITH and HIS FAITHFULNESS.
And it is well... really really really well with my soul.
Love you friends!
The possibilities are truly beyond what you could hope for.