Thursday, March 20, 2008

filling in the gaps

Hey friends. I'm exhausted. worn out. pooped. such a good, but long week. but this is a post about glory, God's glory (not specifically the precious baby that was born to my friend Jessi named Glory - see her blog... that's another story). I have big plans for bedtime as soon as this is written, but I wanted to get it out and give God some much due praise.

being tired is something I feel soooo often. i'm reading this fabulous book, my single mom life by angela thomas - more to come one that, but she echos my cry of "I'M EXHAUSTED." But here's the hopeful, praising tone of this blog!!! - my God meets me in my tired and in my dropping of the many plates i attempt to spin.

Here's the short story:
I had a list - a mental list and an actual list of the many things that i needed to get accomplished this week at work and home and church and home and work... :). And I worked my tail off trying to scratch them off one by one. well, I did pretty well. i was up and spent some amazing time with the Lord, loved on my school children this week and tried to give them my all, lots of hugs, lots of praise, lots of patience. I prayed and bit my tongue when speaking with my own children. I called them beautiful, and thanked them for their help around the house. I wasn't "mean mommy" in the mornings. but i still forgot something pretty crucial that was work-related. I needed to call this lady who volunteered to sew together all of these quilt squares my students created. they are being displayed and raffled off in our upcoming art show & had to be sewn over spring break in order to be ready by the deadline. well my children (school children) had done great and we got it done in time, in spite of me being out with the flu family. BUT, she was a major thing on my list of todo's: "CALL QUILT LADY" (so we could meet and she could pick up the quilt squares, bla bla bla.) It was like #7 on the list, but should have been #1. I forgot on Monday. But told myself and rewrote myself a note to call her on Tuesday. I was going to do it when I first got to school, but I forgot. I told myself to call her as soon as I was done with lunch, oops, and then after school on my way home, but yep you get the picture. It was Wed., - crap! I forgot to call that woman. And my God showed up.

In she walked at the most opportune time, without us scheduling it, without an email or message or anything. her timing could not have been more perfect. I don't have planning on Wed., but one of the 8 I teach is a really small class, the best class, and on this day they happened to have a sweet teacher cadet with them... and after I had given out instructions and my children were busily creating, in walks "quilt lady" all smiles. So we picked out all of the best art for the raffled quilts, while teacher cadet took care of my best small class and she left.

And I'm left thinking, "God you are just too good."
There's no happened to it, and while quilt woman is super sweet, I'm giving her only minor credit here. My God is so good. I pray all of the time for my LORD to fill in the gaps for me - in my parenting, in my time-management, in my lack of money, my failure to remember...

and HE DOES. He meets my every tiny need, even thing #7 on the list, and I just wanted to say
night night :)

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